Emma Griffin


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All those ideas sound great in your head. You know exactly what you want to say. But the words just won\'t come when you’re faced with a blank page.

Sound familiar? Nothing taunts more than that blinking cursor when you\'ve got a million-and-one other things to do!

As business owners, we all have to put on that Jack-of-all-trades hat. But that means we\'re often so bogged down by all the writing tasks a growing business requires, we have no time to actually FOCUS on our zone of genius. You know: the things that only we can do, and actually pays the bills!

That’s where I come in. I\'m a copywriter and content strategy consultant working with both established brands and small female-founded businesses.

I write website copy, blog posts and emails that strengthen the connection between you and your ideal clients, and free up your time to focus on the areas of your business you love.

I know you\'re probably worried that outsourcing your marketing copy to someone else means it won\'t have your \"voice\". Well, that\'s a huge part of my job, and it\'s one that us copywriters are very good at. We\'re chameleons: we dig deep into your brand story, what makes you tick and - more importantly - what makes your customers tick. We know how to speak to them authentically and persuasively, creating copy that compels on-the-fence browsers to click that \'Contact Me\' button.

Ready to get your time back and find aligned clients through copy that speaks their language?

From coaches to personal branding photographers to lifestyle brands, I love working with driven, creative female entrepreneurs. I’ll tell your story in exactly your own words, only better.

Does this sound like you? Find out more about me at www.emmagriffinwrites.co.uk.

Don\'t be shy: drop me a line. I write for a living, so you can rest assured I\'ll always write back!