Emma Sansom

Marketing Expert


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Hi everyone, I'm Emma - Managing Director of Flamingo Marketing Strategies (www.flamingostrategies.co.uk)

When you think marketing - you might think pretty stuff like logos, websites, brochures, banners, hashtags, well written emails and targeted images for social media...
...but, the truth is - before all of the above happens, you need a Marketing STRATEGY.

Marketing can make you very rich when done right, but very poor when done wrong.

If you want to work with someone who takes the time to understand your business, your market, your goals and create you bespoke marketing campaigns for your brand (with all the elements I've listed above thrown into the mix too) - give me a call on 07854 982728.
I specialise in B2B and B2C, however my experience is more B2B. The name Flamingo reflects my niche, that I will only work with one company from each industry, allowing you the be a Flamingo in a flock of Pigeons, and stand out with SUPERB marketing that gets you noticed!

I love what I do, and have worked with a large variety of clients from small one-man band businesses right through to global corporate PLCs. If you'd like to book a free 60-minute strategy call in with me, here's the link: https://calendly.com/flamingomarketingstrategies/strategycall