Eugenia Zagoruyko

Video Marketing

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I help businesses grow through creating video content WITH them and FOR them.

I help you develop a script, give you training around how to be on camera and film and edit a high quality promotional video for your business. Should you prefer to create your own video content, I teach and train you how to do this well to make a greater impact.

I also create a safe and comfortable space where we can explore whatever blocks or fears around visibility you might have, either generally or being filmed on camera specifically. There is an online group version of this work now, too, called Visibility Matters - have a look here to learn more about it

I am an experienced videographer with a proactive and precise attitude that compelled me start my own company in 2013. Thanks to referrals from happy clients, I have grown my company to be a successful and respected brand that specialises in personal branding, promo, event, testimonial videos and video content training.