Eugenia Zagoruyko

Director/Editor, Photographer/Videographer


WIBN Groups


I am an experienced self-shooting director and editor with a proactive and precise attitude that compelled me start my own company in 2013. Thanks to referrals from happy clients, I have grown my company to be a successful and respected brand that specialises in promo, corporate, event, testimonial and documentary video – for some examples of my work please take a look at my website -

In my formative career I had the privilege of being involved in a range of projects at some of the highest industry standards; working alongside the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Discovery and the Travel Channel. Travelling around the world I have also learnt to adapt to the styles of a range of clients and crews; working both in a team and independently to create thought provoking documentary pieces, as well as emotive drama pieces.

I always use a very much personal approach when I work with clients so if you\'d like to be looked after while having a gorgeous and engaging video being created for you, give me a shout and we\'ll get a free discovery chat booked in to explore our potential collaboration.