Eugenia Zagoruyko

Videographer/Visibility Coach


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I help businesses build trust with their potential clients and create more leads through telling their story visually, through a video. I make professional promo and social media videos as well as run workshops on how to create your own video content that people actually watch with low to no budget.

I help you develop a script, give you training around how to be on camera and film and edit a high quality promotional video for your business.

I also create a safe and comfortable space where we can explore whatever blocks or fears around visibility you might have, either generally or being filmed on camera specifically.

I always use a very much personal approach when I work with clients so if you\\\\\\\'d like to be looked after while having a gorgeous and engaging video being created for you, give me a shout and we\\\\\\\'ll get a free discovery chat booked in to explore our potential collaboration. No obligation, of course.

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