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Do you have a young daughter aged 12-21?

If yes,
Is she overly sensitive?
Has she started worrying more and feeling pressured?
Doe she seem physically tense or stressed?

Hello I\\\'m Gemma from Awkward Conversations.
I specialise in helping young women aged 12-21 struggling with anxiety, lack of self belief and low confidence that is negatively compromising their health and wellbeing, leaving them unhappy, not using their capabilities and living their full potential.
I am based in North Essex and work 121 locally or remotely.

I am passionate about health and wellbeing having spent 18 years in the health and fitness industry as a Personal trainer and Pilates teacher.
Over the past 7 years I have trained in Personal Development coaching and Coaching within Education, as well as NLP, Hypnotherapy, Kinetic Shift and more recently as a Psych-k Ⓡ facilitator for a complete holistic approach for helping young women aged 12-21 navigate their way though the pressures of the teenage years and early adulthood.

My aim is to help these young women simply and effectively transform limiting beliefs and stressful perceptions causing low confidence and self doubt into empowerment and resilience for better health, well being, energy and enthusiasm for life.

The process is interactive and within their control, allowing for ownership over their own wellbeing by focusing on what they want and developing self responsibility by taking action for change and transformation.

It is not about clearing the way for these you women and trying to eliminate potential struggle, it is to give them the self belief that they can overcome, learn and grow from any challenges they are facing now and may encounter through out their life.

If your daughter or young person you know is in need of a different approach to mental health and well being, please contact me today to find out more.

Gemma at Awkward Conversations.