Gill Robinson

Print Media Consultant

07775 332385/01206 621427

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Print Media Consultant helping designers, business managers, artists and authors create hardworking, good value print.

WHAT IS NEXUS? “bond, link, means of communication” from Latin nexus “that which ties or binds together.”

Whatever your business, you can have the valuable services of a non-resident print expert on your team.
You need your print promotions to run on time and on budget. Our rigorous supplier management ensures this for you.

NEXUScpp takes control of your whole print job from the timeline scheduling and estimating, through on-press job approvals, quality control and fulfilment. You can always be sure of the delivery of a perfectly printed job with us in your corner.

NEXUS creative print production is the connection that creates great print project management.

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We are so very happy being green. Print is the green marketing channel.

You think print marketing is out of style? For an industry with a heritage that dates back [...]