Hayley Meagher BFP FCA

Chartered Accountant

01268 773108

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As a Qualified Chartered Accountant, I decided to set up my own practice because I wanted to do more than work anonymously on numbers.

My goal was to form lasting professional relationships that meant I could pre-empt issues and be of genuine service to my clients, while they get on with doing what they do best. So I founded Butlers Chartered Accountants to do just that.

Almost a decade later, we’re still going strong, with a trusted and highly professional team working from our friendly, dedicated office in Rayleigh, Essex.

I know exactly how it feels to face all the challenges involved in running a successful business, because it’s something I do myself, every single day. Major decisions like hiring new staff, expanding into larger premises, or purchasing expensive equipment aren’t always easy to make, but the right financial guidance can make a huge difference, helping you sleep more easily at night.

I pride myself on my ability to think quickly, analyse meticulously, then do everything I can to help drive my clients’ businesses towards the growth and success they deserve. A lifelong fan of flexible working, I can also help to uncover financially viable ways to make your business fit your lifestyle and personal goals, instead of the other way around.

In other words, I use my qualifications and expertise to help you get the very best out of your business. If this sounds like something you could do with, please get in touch.