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I have always enjoyed working in, on and with small businesses and therefore have a complete knowledge of how small business owners think, feel and cope... Because of this I have decided to bring all of my energy, passion and experience into creating Learn Grow Transform.

Whether you want to learn about your technology or how your Wordpress site works OR you want to find out how to create your next social media platform or understand Word or Excel, then I can help you.

Examples of how I can help you:

~ Getting started or making the most of your Facebook
~ Understanding your LinkedIn profile
~ What is Pinterest?
~ Should you be using Twitter? What is it?
~ Have you sent your first Newsletter?
~ Do you know how to use Wordpress or start your blog?
~ Need to get your accounts in order using Excel?
~ Do you need templates for your business and cannot use Word?

I offer 1:2:1 personalised 2 hour training sessions or group sessions if you are a larger business. I work with business owners in person or via Skype.

Please contact me if you would like to know more. I am looking forward to making you feel more Empowered and Focused in your business.

In addition, I am re-launching my successful \'Small Business Show\' radio program as an Online TV program this year and would love to hear from anyone interested in sponsorship opportunities.

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