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I\'m a professional copywriter and certified Google SEO Marketer. I tell your marketing stories. Not only can I create compelling and persuasive content for all your marketing channels (online or off) and will do it in a way that makes Google and other search engines sit up and pay attention!

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Google's latest algorithm update "BERT" has landed - their biggest one for the last 5 years. As a [...]

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SEO Tip: Don’t believe a word

If someone contacts you promising to get your website to the top of organic search in xx [...]

All About “Readability”

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How To Brief A Copywriter To Get The Best Results

Does an actor learn his lines without a script? Does a student learn without instructions from a [...]

Half Day Workshop: The Basics of SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is what you need to do to your website to get it to the top of [...]

SEO Basics: Half Day Workshops

I'm running two half-day workshops to help you get to grips with the basics of Google SEO. You will [...]

Google is now warning Chrome users about unsecured websites

Google has announced a major change to its search algorithm Google's search algorithm has [...]

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It’s Not Really Work Is It?

Friday 18th May 2018 is National Work from Home Day. Research by the global recruitment company, [...]

What does a copywriter do?

It’s a question I get asked a lot. The conversation usually goes something like this:- You: So [...]

The 3 Most Important Things I’ve Learned About Networking

On paper, I shouldn’t love networking - but I do. Every psychometric test I ever took during the [...]