Henrietta Garden



Hi there, I’m Henri from Henrietta Photography and I shoot everyone and everything (within reason!) though specialise in getting you fantastic Headshots for all your business profile needs.

As an ex-actress who hated having her photo taken I can completely sympathise with anyone coming to have theirs done so pride myself in making sure my shoots are laid-back, fun and totally un-scary! Not only then do you come away with wonderful shots of you being you - on a very good day - but you may actually have fun doing it too (hard to believe I know!)

It’s so important these days to have that great picture to draw in those potential clients - more so than ever since we don’t meet in person any more. You need to show the face behind your business - a face that they instantly feel they can connect with - we’re all human after all and still want to work with people we feel we’d get on with.

And if all else fails you can always do as I’ve done and squish the dog against you to hide any dodgy bits!