Ilona Madden

Nutritional Therapist


WIBN Groups


Having made some small changes in my diet in my early 40\'s,has changed my life profoundly. These changes led me to have more energy, which lead me to cook more from scratch rather than relying on ready-meals. This gave me more energy to exercise more and brought me on an upward spiral. I can honestly say that now in my 50\'s, I am fitter, stronger, have more energy, can eat loads and am better focused than in my 20\'s and 30\'s. The changes were so profound, yet easy to incorporate that I want to show everyone how eating the right foods - can change your life too. I studied to become a Nutrition & Health Coach, and started practising in a weight-loss clinic, but continued on to study a 3.5year long course in Nutritional Science & Therapeutics at IINH. I have seen so many clients\' lives improve over those years: More energy, less digestive issues, less food intolerances, weight-loss, managing diabetes, managing thyroid issues and other hormonal issues. Give me a call for a free 20-minute consultation and I can help you get started with some small changes that might send you on this upward spiral and change your life!