Jacqui Purnell



WIBN Groups


I am passionate about developing leadership capability and making world-class leadership development available to all.

I work with individuals and teams , across all sectors to provide resilience leadership coaching, personal development and organisational interventions aimed at driving improved performance. I know how great it feels to create and be part of an empowered, engage, resilient organisation and I want to support individuals achieve this with their teams.

Today everyone, no matter what sector, role or level needs to be able to deliver results despite constant change and uncertainty. Building resilience leadership behaviours will give individuals confidence in who they are and what they do, so that they can create environments for successful performance and can build and take opportunities. Building resilience leadership behaviours will mean individuals become more effective under pressure, bouncing back knowing they can create ideas and solutions to thrive through change or uncertainty.

I am looking to work with groups who want to better understand their individual and combined strengths, their development areas and what’s holding them back from achieving even better outcomes together. And individuals who feel a bit in a rut, want to accelerate their career progression, may be coming back into the workplace, or just want to improve their ability to thrive and perform, and will benefit from a structured programme of support to help them make it happen.