Jan Ibbott

Business Development Consultant


I am a Business Adviser and Strategist.

I work with women in business, to develop and grow their businesses. Good planning can ensure that their business will survive and thrive. 85% of my clients are new start up businesses (under 3 years old) but I also advise and mentor established businesses too, with their ongoing strategy for growth and business development.

I work on an individual basis with the business owner, to understand their current challenges and advise the best way to push the business forward.

I can advise from the pre-start up phase (when the business is just an idea) or when it has already been set up. I can assess if there have been any critical steps that have been missed in the set up process and advise how best to create a strategy for growth.

I offer practical business advice and solutions to my clients. If needed, I can 'sign post' them to other businesses, who can help them, such as a branding specialists, brand development, marketing strategist, Digital Marketing, PR and much more. I have a very good tried and trusted network of businesses, ready to refer to.

As an experienced brand creator, I can advise business owners how to create a brand which presents itself as both professional and cohesive.

Successful business owners understand the importance of working closely with a business adviser or business mentor. This is often an important investment needed to move a business forward, working together, to stay on track. Having a respected ‘sounding board’ helps to consolidate or clarify any new ideas or aspirations.

I offer two services, a Hot Seat session or a half day Business Strategy session. A Hot Seat is a one hour session, that can deal with a specific business challenge. If a more in-depth support is needed then a Business Strategy session is best, for a growing business, or a way to re-ignite any lost passion for the business. It is also a great way to maintain focus and direction and be sure to keep the business growth on track and minimise distractions.

The Business Strategy sessions are intensive and focused. During our session we discuss the business vision, the exit strategy, and much more, to find a solution and a way to join the dots, to achieve it. The session results in a bespoke business strategy plan of action. I do not work in a prescriptive way and one size, definitely, does not fit all!

I love working with women of all ages, all levels of business, but who all love business! Some business owners do not have the knowledge, skills or experience to go it alone.

For more information visit my website www.businessbuddy.me.uk