Jane Bramble

Personal Trainer

WIBN Groups


What we do…We provide Fitness for Generation Ageless – helping you to look and feel confident no matter what your age. We know as women we have a multitude of challenges as we go through life – maybe having children, menopause, illnesses, injuries or hormonal weight fluctuations. Our different stories gift us each with our wonderfully unique bodies. We embrace your experiences – this is not about trying to look 20 years younger or getting ripped abs…It’s about feeling fit for life and being the best version of yourself. Age doesn’t define who we are, we want to feel ‘ageless’
How we do it…I offer a free 1-2-1 where we discuss outcomes, fitness goals and packages. I will then train you at home or outside locally for a 60 minute session using a mixture of cardio and equipment such as kettle bells, medicine balls and resistance bands. Sessions will be on a 1-2-1 basis but I will also offer group sessions with other like-minded ladies to give people a chance to meet! Whatever your goals, I will help you reach them with continued support and encouragement
Why we do it…In September 2018 I sadly lost my 85 year old father to cancer. He was ill at home for a short time before he peacefully passed away. During that period, I was able to care for him because I had a history of maintaining my fitness and strength. My mum was 80 at the time and heavily relied on me to lift and carry him. I realised that being ‘fit for life’ had so many benefits. Being able to care for a relative was just one of those benefits. I truly believe that health and fitness gives us confidence and makes us the best versions of ourselves.