Jenny Howarth

Therapist Flower Essence Producer

07960 950553

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After a 30-year career in public sector management, early retirement, ten years ago, enabled me to further develop my therapy practice. I am fully qualified in Homeopathy, the Bowen Technique, Reiki and Flower Essences Therapy. There are eight other therapists who operate at my practice in central Ilkley. They are a great team, and between us we offer support, help and therapy, easing the path through most physical and emotional difficulties. I have also developed my own range of flower essences , Verbeia Essences and Body Care, and have taken on a 50 year old flower essence range, Bailey Essences. Together with our new vibrant Scintilla Essences range, these form the basis for Yorkshire Flower Essences Ltd. My time is now shared between Ilkley Complementary Therapies and maintaining a vibrant practice in central Ilkley, and Yorkshire Flower Essences, also in Ilkley,, where we manufacture and sell flower essences, body care products and products to help protect against the negative effects of magnetic waves. I love being busy, and love sharing stories on business development with others on a similar pathway.