Jill Bell


07802 478811

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Jewellery Designer and Silversmith Specialist

I pride myself on providing first-class bespoke silver and gold jewellery at realistic prices.
My work has been developing around the spiritual awareness of the world, in faiths, beliefs and mythology. My love of the earth, nature including plant matter, animals and the sea as a consequence, it is very organic. I try to design my work with fluid and flowing lines bringing them back to life in metal.
My fascination is not only with jewellery and how it was designed but also the stories behind the design themselves, and the process with which they are constructed.
My work has grown to be mindful of the materials I use in the finished pieces, and I can maintain a strong awareness of collecting objects with the same discretion that I use to source my materials.
I am a late-career student. I love jewellery and the more I study and learn, the more I want to create bespoke pieces using new techniques.
I am very passionate about finding and connecting with other people and fellow artists.
I am still not sure whether I found jewellery or whether jewellery found me, for that I am very grateful, as it changed my life.

Why not ring me to see my jewellery range. Ideal presents for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, holidays, or a lovely remembrance presents for teachers or even a treat for yourself.