Judith Hamilton (Scarfe)

Business Coach



I am a qualified accountant with extensive experience across both the private and public sectors spanning 24 years. My experience is not only in finance but in general management also.

What is a Business Coach?

The famous quotation from John Donne ‘no man is an island’ has a religious background, but is also very fitting in the world of business. Sir Richard Branson claims his success in the airline industry would not have happened without the support of his Business Mentor, Sir Freddie Laker.
A Business Mentor supports and encourages Business Owners to develop specific skills and knowledge that will maximise their business potential, and improve their performance and the performance of their business.

How might I add value to your business? I can:
• Help you step back from your business
• Challenge you and your business processes, in a supportive way
• Be a sounding board to listen, stimulate and challenge your thinking
• Explore options, share ideas, experience and contacts
• Support you in turning your ideas into reality
• Work through options and create effective and profitable solutions
• Be a critical friend and motivate you
• Help you set goals and objectives and hold you to account on their delivery

Business coaching can help strengthen both your business and your own entrepreneurial skills and can be invaluable in getting a new business off the ground.

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