Julie Greaves

Life Coach

WIBN Groups


I help individual clients get results in line with what’s important to them by helping create vision and clarity. Sometimes we know we want to improve things in our life but aren't really sure what specifically we want to improve or how we begin to do so. Therefore we can't, and don't, do anything about it. This is when coaching can help. Through a series of discussions using best in class techniques, coaching helps firstly identify the specific improvements we'd like to make then draws on strengths, values and positive beliefs to help find the way forward and overcome any obstacles which may be in the way. This approach helps us mentally re-position the goal to seem less overwhelming, making achieving the impossible possible.

Coaching works on the belief that we can achieve the desired outcome but that we need support and encouragement to find the most effective route to do so. A coach therefore won't advise or instruct but will encourage, support and facilitate success.

Coaching can have an impact on a broad range of areas including but not limited to: career change; returning to work after maternity leave / career break; performance at work; career development; business start up; business performance; qualification attainment; work life balance; fitness goals; project management; changing beliefs and building confidence.