Karen Connell

Health & Wellness Mentor


WIBN Groups


With almost 30 years hands on teaching experience in Primary, Secondary and Adult Education in the West Midlands, I have had endless opportunities, considerable time and extensive experience to hone my people skills.

Qualifying as a teacher in 1989, I kept up to date with my profession, gaining new qualifications and regularly attending trainings in order to ensure CPD.

For many years I taught MFL. However, I decided to move into teaching Literacy and Numeracy because I witnessed a greater need in these areas. Not everyone is functionally numerate or literate, which can be frowned upon in society or overlooked unintentionally, keeping many people out of the running or too far from the starting line. This was something I became acutely aware of very early on in my teaching career.

I have always been interested in people. The desire to fulfill my potential and to help others do the same has lead me to a lifelong journey of personal and professional development, adding value to lives, reaching out to those who need or want help, and to acknowledging how much Health and Wellness has meant to me over the years and that is now my passion.

As a result of a conversation with an entrepreneurial parent at a school I worked in, and my own personal drive and desire, I now work in the Health and Wellness Sector, enabling continued personal and professional development for myself and others. My aim is to make a difference.

I am a Forever Business Owner. Among many tasks, I use and I promote our quality products. I also show people how they can earn an extra income alongside their current job or transition to a new career that will give them the opportunity to match existing earnings providing hard work, commitment and the right mindset are applied to the business. Our quality products, a proven business model and a desire to succeed make the journey rewarding with endless opportunities for personal and professional development.

As a Mentor, an Educator and an Entrepreneur, I am increasingly aware, on a continual basis, how important Health and Wellness is to all of us now and in the future.