Kate Kelly

Process improvement engineer

01359 240717

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Following 20 years in varied industries, including household names like Black & Decker, Kate set up her own business in 1996 as a business consultant to large organisations.

In 2011 Kate decided to refocus her business on SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) where she had the opportunity to work directly with the decision makers. At this stage, she realised that small businesses had no idea what she could do for them and. with the help of a real plumber, she created the Business Plumber metaphor – likening business processes to water pipes.

“People often assume if the work doesn’t work that the problem is with the people” she explains “but it may just be organised badly. My aunt lived in a house where it took ages for the hot water to travel from the tank in the loft to the kitchen tap. It wouldn’t matter how much you tried to motivate or incentivise the kitchen tap, what it needed was better pipework!”