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Evidence Based Business Growth Coaching & Mentoring - The Mechanism for Business Change

Are you a business owner manager with a passion and desire to grow the profitability of your business?
Do you have questions like:
• Who can I bounce ideas off when I need to?
• Who will question the status quo and ask me questions I have never considered?
• What is our plan to manage emergencies that could affect your business
• Who will challenge me if I’m going in the wrong direction?
• How can I find the right experts to support me and my business?
• How can I get more from my people and increase profitability
• I don’t know where to find my best clients?
• What’s my plan to manage emergencies that could affect my business?

Kath Bonner Dunham is a qualified business coach and mentor, she has a business degree and a degree in coaching and mentoring practice. Kath has more than 40 years’ experience in business, uniquely positioning her to provide you with all the support and advice you need to make your business a lasting success.
She will listen to you, help you to look at your situation holistically, and advise you on ways to grow the profit over the turnover in your business. Under her guidance you will be able to:
• Craft business strategy
• Set meaningful goals
• Measure results
• Build solid plans, initiatives & projects
• Organise resources
• Manage performance
• 6 Step Business Continuity Planning
• Align activities
• Reduce meeting time
• Streamline communications
• Execute business continuity planning
• Execute strategy more effectively

It’s often relatively easy to identify the issues holding a business back. What’s not always so easy is to ‘bite the bullet’, to make the necessary changes, and to do it in a way which leaves the business and its people in better shape than before. It doesn’t just happen – the transition process needs to be managed over time to enable everybody in the organisation to accept and work comfortably in the ‘new’ set up.

“Kath is one of the few consultants I have met who are dedicated to producing a result. She gives excellent advice, has 100% commitment to supporting her clients to be successful, is generous to a fault with her input and expertise and has huge tenacity and energy. Kath has so much experience behind her to draw on, that you can be sure her advice is going to hit the spot. I would highly recommend Kath to help anyone increase their performance.” …….Juliet Fraser-Ellis
Kath’s challenging and insightful questioning and advice prompts you to build on areas of strength in yourself and your business, to achieve your full potential. You get the confidence and skills to face up to and find solutions for any weak areas, to delegate to others and give them permission and authority to shine, and to bring innovation and inspiration to your business.
Under Kath Bonner Dunham’s skilled guidance you see your business ‘in the round’, enabling you to uncover any blind spots and compensate for them. You’re supported in making the difficult decisions, and challenged to achieve your highest aims and aspirations, for yourself and your business.
You owe it to yourself and your business to invest in Business Coaching, Mentoring and Advice. Contact Kath Bonner Dunham
M: 0845 519 8245
T.07855 382 962.
E. [email protected]

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