Kathleen Comerford

ADI/ RSA Driving Instructor

WIBN Groups


I've been deeply committed to teaching Safer driving skills to learner and pretest drivers in Dublin for the last 20 years. It's such a Rite of Passage to Pass Your Driving Test and it's my honour to be part of that important journey. For some it comes naturally for others there's a struggle but with time and practice and patience everything comes together. I wrote a book this year "Pass your Driving Test in Ireland" to help raise the standard of driving and increase the pass rate from a very miserable 55%.
My aspiration is to make driving safer by creating safer drivers. I have trained in Advanced Defensive Driving Techniques and teach these to my students to help minimise their risk and maximise their safety on the road today. I also have an online video tutorial course to help through all the stages of learning.