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Hi, I’m Katie, a Transformation Coach working with business owners, corporate Execs and Teams and individuals alike, who are ready to achieve great results in their professional and personal lives.

I have run my own business for the past 7 years, with 20 years’ previous experience in training, client & change management in both private and public sectors, including 6 years within the NHS. I’ve always loved finding out what makes people ‘tick’ and with a toolbox that includes cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, personality profiling and coaching amongst others, I help them to understand and use their core values and strengths so they can fulfil their potential to not only achieve, but often exceed, their own goals and expectations. I’ve been able to live my passion by helping others to live theirs!

My key strengths are in seeing the bigger picture of your vision with you, then connecting that back to where you're at now, helping to formulate an effective route through the transformation, all with a calm and results-focused approach, balanced with a good sense of humour! Let's face it, real change is only achieved and maintained when it's enjoyable!

I am based in Bedfordshire and work with clients face to face mainly through Beds, Herts, Bucks and London and also work via Skype/Zoom internationally, so location really is no obstacle. I offer a number of services and programmes, for individuals, groups and teams, so please get in touch for a FREE 30 minute consultation to see whether we could work together to achieve fantastic results for you! Allow me to be the Catalyst to your success!

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