Katie Ruane



Katie trained as a Naturopath, as a mature student, at the University of Westminster, after studying History of Art at the University of Edinburgh.

Katie specialises in the family using natural and non-invasive therapies to help keep the entire family healthy. Katie can start with supporting mother and baby during pregnancy with therapies such as nutrition, reflexology and essential oils, and then teaching both parents how to help with their baby's health and development with baby massage and other advice. Boosting the families immune system once the baby is in nursery or school and also helping both adults and children with conditions such as eczema, IBS, psoriasis, sleep, reducing pain and more.

Katie is passionate about Naturopathy and has been amazed at the power of the therapies she is trained in. Using these therapies alongside a specific approach of looking at the cause rather than symptoms, Katie can support you through all health conditions, from chronic illness to advice on diet and lifestyle.

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