Kelly McKenzie


0333 355 0268

WIBN Groups


I love to do the jobs that small businesses or individuals either don't have the time to do, don't know how to do or simply don't want to do! I take immense pride in being a professional PA service with the central purpose of making things easier for you.

I'm driven by helping small businesses and seeing them reach their goals; my services are flexible and 'it's a pay as you go', 'pick up, put down' service because we know this arrangement is supportive for small businesses.

I am the 25th hour that many small businesses and busy professionals desperately need and I can help with a huge range of tasks, from business admin and social media, to research and projects or even sourcing birthday presents!

I have a huge range of skills and listen carefully to my clients to ensure needs are met with the best available solution. You can be assured of a positive and helpful approach at all times.