Kirsti Smith

Life Coach


WIBN Groups


I am a life coach working with women who want more in their lives. I am kind and compassionate but bring a sense of humour to my coaching sessions.

I spent most of my career working in IT Support, helping people to get working as quickly as possible after having problems. I worked on and led projects from minor office moves to multi-organisation mergers. Although I had my share of enjoyable challenges, I realised that my career was not fulfilling me in the way I would have liked. I found coaching in 2018 and haven't looked back.

After completing my training, I started coaching alongside my job and soon made the decision to work part-time in both roles. I have now left my IT career and am now building my own coaching business. It's still early days but I have no doubt that I made the right decision and absolutely love coaching my clients. The clarity and purpose I see my clients achieve is really rewarding and it never gets old.

I also coach children as a volunteer in schools with the Yes Futures charity. I am aiming to incorporate coaching children into my business plan in the next 18 months.