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I have been running Little Acorn Marketing for 11 years now and it’s been an amazing journey. I’ve been able to use my previous experience and skills from the corporate marketing world to give business owners the marketing support they need without breaking the bank, and seeing the results come to fruition. I’ve built up a team of amazing experts and freelancers with experience in their own fields to help me provide a full-service marketing solution to my clients. Now I’m working with businesses across the Thames Valley.

One of the things our clients love about us is that I’m not afraid to be blunt. After all, it’s my job to work out what you need to do to achieve your goals, and then either do it for you or make sure you’re actually doing it (and not hiding your head in the sand). That means I ask questions, I challenge your perceptions, and often I end up digging into how your business runs before I even get to the marketing part of the conversation! I help your business strategize and plan from the ground up, so that you can do what needs to be done to fuel your business growth.

In a nutshell, I can help you with:
Planning: Marketing is a huge part of your business, but without a good plan, it can all fall apart. I will work with you to develop your marketing and social media strategies, making sure you achieve all of your goals and actually get the right things done.

Social Media: Whether you need 1-2-1 training of a fully managed social media service, I can help you understand what you should be doing and why, or even do it for you.

Content Marketing: I can research, write and upload regular blogs and content for your website, and do the sharing for you as well. Get the Google benefits and encourage conversation with your clients. Our copywriting and PR experts can help you find the right words to promote your business every time.

Newsletters: From the branding of templates to creating engaging newsletters that sell your services, I offer a fully managed newsletter service in a platform of your choosing, including training on how to do things yourself when you need to.

Event Management: From running workshops to putting on conferences, the whole process is a little daunting. While I can’t do the physical planning for you, I can provide you with flawless marketing guaranteed to get people signing up and coming along to your events.

Web Design: Having a presence online is more important than ever, but does it reflect the real you? I work with web design experts to craft the perfect website that can do it all – function, convert leads and look stylish all at once.

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