Klara Valko

, Cosmetics

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In 2016, on leaving GSK after 22 years of service, I had founded Bio-Mimetic Chromatography Ltd to provide data analysis, biomimetic HPLC measurements for drug discovery. I am a research scientist with over a hundred publications, with more than 40 years’ experience, with the last 20 specifically looking at the skin, studying what gets absorbed into the skin. I have developed a novel technology that delivers the active nutrients into the skin and founded Bio-Mimetic Cosmetics as a trading division of my original company. I have developed several anti-wrinkle cream formulations that can deliver collagen and hyaluronic acid deep into the skin. These active ingredients provide the elasticity to the skin and help to reduce the signs of ageing. These creams work by regular application to the skin because they are packed with the nutrients that your face needs to maintain a healthy younger look.
I believe in using only natural or natural origin ingredients in my products. My creams are specifically designed for ladies over 50. They have healthy lifestyles and regular skincare routine. If you’d like to try out something different and new and want to find out more, try the creams for yourselves. I have some free or trial size samples that you can request by visiting my website https://www.klaraskincare.com/.