Kristi Lane


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Not just a Bookkeeper, I'm an ICB Licensed Bookkeeper - Licence no 20933.

I have a background in purchasing and project management in Publishing and Retail as well as running my own bakery business before retraining and becoming a member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers in 2018. I established my business, Prime Numbers Bookkeeping Ltd in April 2019.

From my own experience I understand how running the business can often take over from doing the business when as an owner you have to wear many hats. And my corporate purchasing and project management skills allow me to bring 'big business' ideas to small businesses.

Keeping up to date with your business finances is vital to ensure the financial health of your business and ultimately yourself. By bringing on board professional support for areas that don't need your specific skills you can free yourself up to focus on the areas that do! Those areas that you love and the reason why you started up your own business in the first place.