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I’m a branding consultant, coach and author helping organisations to define powerful and relevant brands so that their marketing investment works harder. By unravelling their story, I help them create a compelling brand that shines out from the competition with a strong visual and tonal identity as well as key MESSAGES that connect with their ideal customer.

Essentially, I add the “icing” to SME’s wonderful business recipes, because “icing” is the sweet stuff that makes a business attractive to their prospective customers - the stuff that draws them in......

I’ve been doing this since 2012 after a long career (20+ years) in corporate branding where I learnt from some of the best agencies in the industry and I’ve since been on a mission to make that professional brand strategy know-how accessible to all.

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People often tell me they've "already done" their branding, but did you realise that the job is [...]