Liz Clare

MBST Therapy

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I have a company which was inspired by my mother and was founded by my brother and myself in 2011. We opened our first Physiotherapy centre dedicated to a German musculoskeletal technology, MBST in 2011. From then on we now have a veterinary side to the business and have opened centres in Surrey and Bristol. We are on the road to many more opening by the end of 2019.

I am passionate in trying to inform people that there are many health technologies, not only MBST from across the world that can help us much more significantly in day to day life rather than just conventional methods. I think it’s pretty incredible how we can use physics medically.

When I am not trying to "heal the world" ;) I love yoga, I love food and I just love being around family and friends. I have an awesome young Weimaraner - bringing him up has been a journey in itself.

I am from Stamford in Lincolnshire and have lived in Leeds, London and Tokyo.

From spending my 20s travelling, partying and trying to work out who I am, I have already succumbed to a wonderful barn in the middle of the country with my boyfriend and dog.
I try to be sporty and ran the London Marathon once for the Matt Hampson foundation. I founded a charity called always a chance with my friends in 2011 after our two dear friends were murdered by a 16 year old boy.

What fills me with joy are the outcomes my patients receive as many can be life changing, 90s music, my home and the love between my family and friends.

Everyone says I am good at bringing people together and thinking differently. I hope to be useful within the WIBN