Liz Davis

Utility Advisor


WIBN Groups


Most People are really fed up paying ridiculously high prices for their household or office bills. Some people have found a way of even getting the High Street stores to pay some or even all of these bills.
.I am Liz Davis from the award winning Which recommended Utility Warehouse discount club. I am proud to have been a customer for 19 years and a partner now for 17.
I love the discount club and how I can add value in helping people save money or make money and change their lives forever. For me it’s not about getting club rates for household or office services, having one bill each month, it’s about treating people fairly, giving them a choice and showing them how to reduce these bills further via every day shopping and the other benefits members of the free club receive .
I also help switch on ambitious and motivated people who have a couple of hours a week to fit in alongside what they are currently doing, gain extra disposable income per month just from recommending services with no stock to buy .
I support and mentor these people to their success.