Louise Reader

Integrative Practitioner & Wellbeing Teacher


Hello !
My name is Louise Reader. I have been qualified as a Massage Therapist in 2006.
This has been my full time job since then, giving me a wealth of experience with all kinds of people who have had a variety of aches and pains. I am confident that I know what I am doing.
Everyone who comes to see me has a physical ache or pain, be it in their legs, hip or neck and shoulders. Not everyone is aware that sometimes it can due to an emotional issue. Having been a therapist since 2001, I am more than qualified to deal with any issue that may come up.
With all my clients I work on their physical body but I also work in other ways which only come to light when they are in the treatment room.
I work on the Body Mind link, I work holistically, treating the whole person, not just the physical ache or pain.
Some of my clients say I have ‘miracle hands’ some call me ‘iron fingers’
I wonder which one you will be ? !