Marianne Taylforth

Property Investor


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Marianne is a Director of GM Property Solutions Limited, a property Investment and Development company in Cambridgeshire. Marianne specialises in finding out dated and unwanted property, adding value through design and innovation. All of the properties sourced have been above 50% ROI some reaching an infinite return, This enables Marianne to give her investors up to 10% return on their investment. GM Property Solutions has a portfolio of Single lets and HMOs and has a history of 96% occupancy. In her spare time Marianne enjoys running, competing in half marathons and also holidays with her husband and three daughters. She is currently working on a conversion project splitting one house back into two and a bungalow which is being refurbished to a high standard and will be sold. If you would like to get in touch please call 07598 236780 or email [email protected]