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My Name is Marie, I'm a Mum of two and am passionate about people living a healthy and fulfilled life in Mind Body and spirit ! I'm trained in Reiki, I'm also currently studying Anatomy and Physiology and in my past lives I have been a photographer, a TV Presenter, a voice over artist and broadcast lots of media experience to add to my bag of tools as it where.

I became increasingly concerned about the Mental Health in our younger generation some years ago and as I'm passionate about self growth and development too I was searching for something that would help , that combined everything I believed in and didn't involve pharmaceuticals.
I came across something int he USA called "The Harmonic Egg"...and the more I researched it blew my mind.
Fast forward 18 months of research and reading and making contact with the inventor in the USA, I have now brought my very own Harmonic Egg to the UK. This is the first in the UK and I have no doubt this will help so many people heal with this revolutionary Health System, that combines ancient history with modern technology.
For more info about this and what it could do for you please have a look at the website .