Melanie Mackie

Mentor and Business Adviser

WIBN Groups


Melanie Mackie is a Transformation Mentor and has worked with petite businesses, female entrepreneurs and creative souls all over the globe since 2009. As a Mentor and petite business adviser Melanie has the ability to get to the heart and soul of you and your work, so that you feel courageous and empowered to speak your truth, lead with your wisdom and tell your stories to make a difference to others online and off.

Melanie is intuitively curious in her approach and is known for helping others find answers to questions they may not know they had. As a Transformational Mentor she holistically gives her wisdom, insights, expertise, tools and encouragement so that you grow, bloom and transform into everything you’re meant to be and more.

Melanie offers the Bloom From Within Transformational Programme and runs the Social Collective a soulful sanctuary membership community for petite business owners to collectively grow, bloom and transform.