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I'm a fitness & soft tissue professional and I have experience working with hundreds of women of various ages and fitness levels since 2009.

It's been a slow journey of self-discovery... my life changed completely when I had my first child and I started to work in the fitness industry teaching Buggy Classes.

After I had my second child I found out I had Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) so I needed to do some more research on the subject, go back to square one, re-train my core & pelvic floor and deepen my knowledge to better serve myself and my clients.

I subsequently came across Burrell Education who I've done numerous courses with and it was only a matter of time before I became a Holistic Core Restore® coach. Their system works! I've had a third child and my core & pelvic floor are in a much better position they were when I had my second - thankfully!

I've been there, wanting so much to be able to carry on as normal but having to slow down and listen to my body. So I truly understand and empathise with everyone I work with, whatever they happen to be going through and meet them where they're at. Just because you can't do something at the moment doesn't mean you'll never be able to or in the worst case scenario we can definitely find something that works for you and challenge you, so you feel fulfilled with your workout.

I don't just train you... I'll look at your nutrition, your daily habits, your likes and dislikes and together we'll come up with a sustainable programme to help you achieve your goals, one step at a time.

Choose from specialist training programmes, massage and packages tailored to your needs.

Whether you're
have diastasis recti
had a c-section
are post hysterectomy
want to learn how to train while managing prolapse
looking to lose weight and firm up
need help getting back into running or weight training or
just need to release and de-stress or start introducing yourself to meditation.

I'm passionate about helping people reach their goals through educating them and supplying them with the knowledge they need to succeed on their own if they are motivated enough to do so. So don't wait, just get in touch now and book an appointment so we can start moving you forward immediately.