Melody Sade Abeni

Virtual Business Support

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Are you drowning in a sea of unread emails? Allow me to introduce myself...

MelSa PA Services empowers small businesses to maintain healthy client and third-party supplier relationships through the provision of a dedicated inbox and office management solution. I ensure that the important things do not get missed by using an effective communication management strategy - after all, your clients fundamentally want to feel as though they are spending their hard-earned money with a well-oiled organisation that respects their time and custom!

I serve MelSa PA Services as its Founder and Chief Engineer of Calm, operating as a semi-virtual productivity aide for client-facing entrepreneurs and small businesses, with a particular affinity with those who are focused on sustainability and creating a positive social impact.

I created MelSa PA Services because I am passionate about helping ambitious people to create an environment where they can do what they are best at doing - and I do that by taking away the overwhelming tasks that they no longer need to be doing.

If you are feeling a little bit overwhelmed with managing the demands of your day-to-day business operational tasks, I invite you to send me a message or visit the website below to find out more and book in for your free initial 30-minute telephone consultation.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!