Michelle Chapman

Stress & Performance Coach

07545 347178

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You take your career seriously for good reason. Your hard work and strong work ethic has lead to your achievement, progression and rather nice salary. And when you have a mortgage to pay and big plans for the future, there’s a lot riding on keeping it all going.

But it’s this very pressure to continue to strive, to provide financially, to be respected and well thought of professionally, that can lead to a stress. Life can begin to feel like a weight bearing down on you and you don’t know how to stop it or control it.

I work with professional men and women who want to perform comfortably at a high level without stress, worry, anxiety and over-thinking. We work together to develop their personal resilience by understanding the truth about stress and where it comes from.

As stressful thought falls away, the pressure feels lifted leaving a clear and quiet mind, and the ability to thrive.

I offer:
- Executive 121 retreat experiences from my 16th century barn in rural Essex.
- Transformative stress-free success coaching programmes
- In house/public talks and workshops