Michelle Hatcher

Public Relations

0204 538 0811


Press and PR Specialist with over 20 years experience and Publicist to Carole and Mike Middleton.

I'm the owner of Michelle Hatcher Media PR agency based in Shoreditch, London. We specialize in building long term connections between clients and businesses with sponsorships and collaborators by telling your back story thus building great reputations and showcasing your star quality. In short, I get your brand noticed!

Past and current clients range from High Profile Individuals, Charities, Luxury Brands, Film Industry, TV, Radio and Theatre.

Why work with me? Due my large number high-profile clients, I come with a top-drawer press list as well as a lot of influence with journalists and editorial locally, nationally and internationally. So, I can develop your brand, make you human and get people to fall in love with you thus spreading positive vibes!

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