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I am a portrait photographer, specialising in photographing WOMEN :-) I love photographing women especially as I know how most of us hate being photographed. So this is where I step in, to change the way you see yourself. I create beautiful images of women of all ages and sizes, women just like you, me, your sister, best friend, mum, daughters.... in fact my favourite shoots are when you come in and have a photo shoot with the women you are closest to, celebrate your relationship with them and make it a fun, confident boosting girls' day out.

Whether you are coming along for a glamorous makeover or a personal branding session to update your business profile photos you can be sure of personal, one-to-one attention with a bespoke photo shoot that is tailored to you. After a beautiful makeover with one of my professional make up artists who will have a photo shoot with me where I will guide you in to natural looking poses that flatter your body and light you in a way that is very kind to your skin without excessive, unnecessary airbrushing... to create images that reflect the very best version of you that you might not have seen before.

Why wait until you have lost weight or feel you deserve it? You are a woman... so I'm pretty sure that means you deserve to look and feel beautiful now and to EXIST in photos.

PS: I highly recommend you book a meal or night out afterwards because you will look gorgeous.
PPS: I have been a professional photographer for 11 years. My private countryside studio is in a 19th century barn at the edge of Wilsonte village near Tring. It is very peaceful apart from the occasional bleat from a sheep and a honk from a goose.

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