Miti Ampoma

Business Change & Transformation Communication


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I'm a Business Change and Transformation Communication Specialist. My company Miticom specialises in advanced communication and influence training for global business leaders and high-performing teams. Through a range of bespoke programmes, we help businesses drive the change they need to put people back at the heart of their business. We create the right conditions in which they can enjoy sustainable performance and profitability. And do so with integrity and humanity, creating a positive cycle of communication and trust. Because in a world that's increasingly driven by process and technology, big business is finding it difficult to get the balance right between people, process and technology - and employees and customers are voting with their feet, often with dire consequences. We run a series of workshops and master programmes throughout the year. And we train native English speakers and non-native English speakers - who in their careers - are expected to communicate as if English is a first language. I'm looking to expand our corporate and international clients and partnerships. These include (but are not limited to) Financial Services, Hotels and Corporate Hospitality, Recruitment and fast growing SME's.