Monika Todd

Health & Wellbeing Coach

WIBN Groups


Hi, I'm Monika, I am a self-employed working mum who decided to embark on entrepreneurial journey while 5 month pregnant (there is never "right" time!). I have always been intrigued by a power of our mind and how we can shape our lives through the choices we make on daily basis. And this of course is all linked to our health and wellbeing which creates foundations for better lifestyle.

My coaching is supported by amazing, plant powered Arbonne products and their "30 days to healthy living and beyond" plan. The plan focuses on adding not only wholefoods into our meals and products that help with nutrient absorption and support our organs of elimination, but also on avoiding products that are allergenic and / or addictive. The results you can see not only with your eyes (glowing skin, reduced bloating, etc.), but more importantly you can feel it (increased energy, better sleep, etc).
My mission is to help as many as possible to not only Look Better but also Feel Better and Live Better.

What I also love about my business that it hasn't got barrier in terms of location which means I can help even more people who are ready to start the journey to a lifestyle that gives them health and happiness.

Arbonne also offers the opportunity to earn money, make a difference, be part of an amazing community and have fun - all on your terms. Helping people flourish is what makes my day worthwhile.

I live in Lincolnshire with three gorgeous girls, my amazing husband and very lively young Labrador (who is probably the leanest dog in the village as she often joins me for my morning run).