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Hello, I'm Natasha - the Work Happiness Coach.

Did you know?
>> Engaged workforces can boost productivity by a fifth
>> If you\'re happier at work you are less likely to burn out or be absent from work, and tale ten times fewer sick days
>> You\'ll experience 31% higher productivity and display three times more creativity
>> When people are in a state of ‘happiness’, they are able to find 12+ solutions to a given problem, compared to 2 when in a state of anger or fear
>> Happier employees stay in their role for twice as long

An ex-senior marketer, I have spent 15 years working in fast-paced agencies, highly corporate established brands, and high-growth startups across financial services, video games, experiential and fintech.

I have personal experience of feeling motivated, driven and ambitious in my job, and also feeling unfulfilled, unsatisfied and disenchanted with my job, and eventually with my career path.

I’m passionate about people being happy at work. It’s so important to feel a sense of value, impact and meaning in what we do and how we do it. We spend so much time at work, and in this world of increased choice and agency, so many of us find ourselves wanting more from work without having any idea of where to start so that we can find more.

This is where 121 coaching can be a powerful tool to access.

Whether it’s about work-life balance, career acceleration or career change, starting with what makes you happy can go a long way to finding clearer thinking, your own direction and critically - taking action.

I believe coaching can be invaluable, and that everyone should work with a coach at some point in their lives to see themselves and their situation from a different perspective.

I work with individuals directly, and I also partner with small businesses to provide hands on, personalised support to high value employees.

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