Nikki Swan

Transformational Coach

WIBN Groups


I help women who feel like they've lost their identity and are disillusioned with the path they're on to get clear on what they want, to appreciate their own unique talents and to stop worrying and overthinking their next step.

Before setting up my coaching business, I worked in the corporate sector for 15 years, at places like PwC and Deloitte. I understand the opportunities as well as the challenges that such a career can entail in the work place and on a personal level. I'm passionate about wellbeing and teach my clients practical mindfulness, resilience and positive psychology tools that they can use in their own lives. I also teach yoga in my spare time.

I'm a strong believer in the ethos that life is a journey and have a positive outlook towards life's challenges (most of the time!!). If you'd like to find out more about coaching with me or know of someone that I might be able to help, please get in touch.