Olivia Higson

Financial Adviser

07788 247390

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I am Olivia, more commonly known as Lilly and work as a Financial Advisors at Blackwater Wealth Management. I am a local financial professional with a broader national alliance, as Blackwater is a Senior Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management, one of the leading wealth management organisations in the UK. I previously worked in the property market for many years, before choosing to go into the Financial sector.

I live in Bury St Edmunds, working from Blackwater’s Stowmarket offices with clients throughout Suffolk. My partner Will and I really love living in Bury. At weekends, I’m usually off to compete or event, with my ex-racehorse - and poor Will in tow too. Being a Financial Advisor is an incredibly rewarding job. I find it a real pleasure and privilege to help clients reach their financial goals with the freedom to live life the way they want to.

I am on a mission to dispel many people’s belief that financial advice is not for you. It may be more beneficial than you think. You might assume you can’t afford it or it’s too expensive, or that you don’t have enough money in the first place. The reality is that a financial adviser could potentially make you more money over the long term.