Paulette Samuels

Property Consultant

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Property Consultant (12 years)
My passion is property, my enthusiasm is driven to solve your property problems and joint venture on projects. I add value to you by investing my time, effort, energy, experience and expertise using property as an investment vehicle.

Environmental Health Practitioner (24 years) The best decision I ever made was to train at Salford University to become an Environmental Health Officer . Twenty four years later... I still enjoy it as much as I did when I first qualified! From field officer to Assistant Head of Service - I've gained masses of experience and led many teams and strategic projects in the Midlands and the South East.

Qualified Catering Professional (30 years) My first love! As a CatererI worked hard as a team member and Manageress in numerous locations including the Fire Service Head quarters in Birmingham, the Polytechnic of North London and various Agencies in and around the Midlands. Brilliant experiences of working with great teams and providing quality service to my customers.