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Hi, I'm Philippa and I run Outside Perspective.

Having worked for years within the city, latterly within Strategy and Governance, I found my niche in Business coaching.

I believe that everybody deserves to work and function at their best without regrets both inside and outside the workplace. I assist individuals with their work related problems and issues, helping you to see them from a different angle.

I assist entrepreneurs and people within small to medium sized businesses with planning, change within their businesses and feelings of 'stuckness'. Quite often we as women don't completely talk about our worries and concerns so I can act as a confidential sounding board when needed.

I firmly believe that trust is essential within the coach/client relationship so will always carry out an initial taster session to see if we can work together.

i can work by phone, skype, at your work place or I carry our walking coaching as well (coaching whilst walking) which is brilliant for your Mental Health.

If you'd like to find out more about how I work, please do get in touch. Philippa

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