Raina Joyce

Print & Design

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My interest in print was sparked by a video clip played to us at school when they were preparing us for the big wide world and giving us a glimpse in to different industries.

I’m still not sure what intrigued me about the printing world, whether it was the creative side or the print process itself, but either way it planted a seed.  So when school came to an end I sought out a job at a printers, a small printers, but that was to my advantage as this often meant all hands on deck allowing me to learn about the different areas and processes.

I worked there for 3 years in artwork and a year in sales, building up skills and knowledge which enabled me to start my own business in 1997 when I was 21 years old... this was also the year I met my husband so it was an eventful year!

Over the years I have expanded our product list from general business stationery to now include banners, signs, promotional products, branded clothing and pretty much anything that is printed! Our latest development allows us to offer printing on to any hard surface up to 100mm thick, including wood, acrylic, metal and glass.

As well as working to expand the business I still enjoy the creative side and love seeing what’s designed on screen in its finished form.

I am proud of the customer service we provide, the punctual delivery times and the high quality products we supply. Customer satisfaction is always paramount and I strive to go the extra mile wherever possible.

When I’m not working I enjoy Karate, running and swimming as well as spending time with hubby and our two young children.  Oh, ok, and I also enjoy the odd glass of wine every now and then!