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I was born and raised in Montenegro along the coast near the old medieval town of Kotor and spent all my childhood there. My education was also based there until at the age of 18 when I then went to the University of Dr. Simon Milosevic to study Physiotherapy. After finishing my studies and graduating I went to work in Sports therapy. All this was interrupted in 1991 with outbreak of the war at which point I then came to the UK to escape the war and for a better life. After arriving in the UK I made it my priority to learn the language and get on a career path. Since 1992 when I arrived i have steadily worked my way up to senior management roles to gain experience and knowledge in Logistics and the Parcel Industry but now I feel I have all the right tools to start my own business. I feel it\'s the right time in my life to make a change and start a new challenge and build something for me.

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