Rebecca Garvey

Health Coach

WIBN Groups


I am an internationally certified strength and conditioning coach with the NSCA. I am also a registered nutritionist from Oxford with a BA in Science from Trinity College. Six years ago I left the fast-paced environment of the corporate world. It is from this combined past that I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the world of corporate wellness. Working on a one to one basis with clients as well as large corporations Rebecca has a very unique approach to nutrition, exercise and mindset. I use these three platforms to improve areas such as energy management, peak performance, confidence, mood, mobility, flexibility and fat loss. Taking a very client- centred approach I use many functional medicine protocols to empower clients regardless of their goals. When I am not coaching clients in the gym or conducting nutritional consults I am creating and delivering seminars for corporate bodies. I work closely with companies including AIB, Google, Vodafone, Laya Healthcare and Spectrum Health. I am also a certified phlebotomist and undertake corporate screenings for a variety of companies.